We offer you memorable and out of the ordinary experiences !

At Gray Jay, we aspire to be the reference of choice for active exploration of the geography and the outdoors in Canada.


The Ottawa-Gatineau region is full of places and activities just waiting for you to explore. No need to go far to live an unforgettable day. Discover this beautiful region differently.


Want to discover more of the Canadian wilderness? Our expeditions are for you! Join us on a multi-day camping trip as we explore different regions by canoe or on foot because Canada has so much to offer.


Reconnect with your surroundings by participating in a week-end workshop or by travelling and exploring with a purpose. These experiences will enable you to learn new skills and learn about different Canadian communities while exploring the outdoors.

Canoe-Camping expedition on the Yukon River

From July 31st until August 9th 2021

Come paddle a little over 300 km’s of the Yukon river. With its turquoise water, breathtaking scenery and fascinating history, the Yukon river is, according to us, one of the more beautiful Canadian rivers to explore.

Canoe-Camping in Gatineau-Ottawa Region

Summer 2021- By request

Visit the beautiful Gatineau-Ottawa Region and treat yourself to a canoe-camping experience in your own image by customizing every detail of your expedition. Select the lake you wish to explore, the level of comfort that best suits you and there you go!